Wednesday, 28 September 2022



Album     : RHP II - Paın In The Jazz

Year         : 2012

Genre      : Jazz Rock,Fusıon

Tracklist  :

01.Wristkiller (with Alex Machacek)5:19

02.Third Phase (with Jose de Castro)10:08

03.Bring It On (with Guthrie Govan)7:02

04.Pain In The Jazz (with Eric Gales)5:44

05.People 9:14

06.Speed City Blues (with Kiko Loureiro) 7:56

07.Amelia (with Randy Brecker) 5:06

08.Think Of Something (with Andy Timmons) 5:28

09.East Side Bridge (with Greg Howe) 9:17

10.New World  1:46


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  1. Love what you do, and you post some gems, but find Flac files hard to process!