Saturday, 21 July 2018


Artist      : ABBYGAIL (France)

Album     : Electric Lady

Year         : 2017

Genre      : Hard Rock

Tracklist  :

01. Dying Petal 

02. Backdoor Man 

03. Electric Lady

04. Abby 

05. Snakebite

06. Pink Cadillac 

07. Gimme Another Shot 

08. The Whisperer 

09. Something Wrong In Your Head

10. Hole In My Soul

11. Rock N Roll Man

12. Something Wrong In Your Head – Acoustic Version



  1. Good morning Mr.Haar. I want to thank you for your passion to share the music feeling.From your site I meet (listen)(hear)and loved alot of music bands and then I bought them from the last buy was Black Marbles-Moving Mountain in Vinyl.Your blog is a way to make us discover new and old music bands.Thanks and have a nice day

  2. It's so good to hear that!
    Have a nice day and stay safe my friend !