Saturday, 10 April 2021


Artist      : TOM McGUINNESS (UK)

Album     : Playıng For Tıme

Year         : 2017

Genre      : Blues Rock

Tracklist  :

01.Long Hard Road

02.That’s The Blues

03.Momma Tried To Tell Me 

04.I Got My Eye On You 

05.I Got A Right To Sing The Blues 

06.Sweet Temptation 

07.Ain’t It A Drag 

08.Standing By My Window 

09.The Line To Heaven

10.Heading For A Breakdown 


12.Till I Fall Down 

13.The Wrong Woman 

14.How Lucky Can One Man Be 

15.Done Got Over You

16.When Love Comes Calling

17.Make Up Your Mind 

18.Odd Job Man 

19.Losing You Put The Blues In Me 

20.Laura Lee 

21.Long Gone 


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